Client Reviews

I have found really helpful working with Duncan. Professionalism and competence were over the top.

Alberto, January 2018

Nick Winter provided me with excellent advice with regards to my pension. He conducted a thorough review of my existing pension arrangements, invested the time to fully understand my pension goals and made appropriate recommendations to meet them.

Nick was very clear up front with the steps we would take, ensuring I understood them. The professionalism of his service extended to informative conversations and written documentation. I certainly felt Nick went out of his way to ensure my needs were fully met.

I would thoroughly recommend Nick to anyone requiring a pension review or looking to take out a new pension.

Terry, January 2018

My retirement was looking bleak because of personal circumstances following the 2008 recession and I was seriously worried about how I would manage. When I finally found myself in a position to actually do something about improving my pension earlier this year, I was clueless about what to do for the best but I was put in touch with Nick Winter at Contractor Wealth. Nick and his colleague, Ella Butler, were so professional and Nick talked me through my options in a way that I could easily understand. I still have a long way to go before I can retire comfortably but at least now I have the reassurance that someone has my interests in mind. I would be happy to recommend Nick and Contractor Wealth to anyone else who needs help with their retirement planning.

Helena, January 2018

I found David and his team at Contractor Wealth to be very professional and proactive, and they went to every effort to make the world of pensions clear, easy to understand and engaging. David took the time to get to know me and my financial situation in detail and outlined in depth the chosen product. They were very transparent throughout and outlined the fees and costs at every step of the process which I really appreciated. I would thoroughly recommend David and Contractor Wealth for pension and other IFA advice in the future.

Claire, December 2017

A big thank you to both David and Leanne, who guided me through the process of setting up a pension plan better suited to my current situation. Both have offered sound advice on planning for my future, in language that I could understand. Both David and Leanne were patient in addressing all my concerns, expectations and went through the process at my pace. I’m more than happy with their high level of customer service and with their continuing help and guidance, the journey to retirement with be smooth. I would recommend these guys to anyone who feel they too could benefit from such support.

Wayne, November 2017

I developed a mistrust of Financial Advisors over many years when it seemed their main priority was what they would be getting out of any products sold, rather than prioritising my best interests. It was refreshing to see that Contractor Wealth were more professional in their approach.

Duncan Craze (Financial Advisor) and Leanne Stokes ( Customer Services) gave me the confidence to trust in them with their knowledgeable and impartial advice, and were efficient and understanding in the way they dealt with my situation. I am confident that I will benefit from the way they have re-organised my pension portfolio for me, more so than if I had left things as they were.

Contractor Wealth are clearly a trustworthy and professional organisation who put their Clients first.

Anon, November 2017

RE: Leanne Stokes / Duncan Craze
I was recommended to CW on behalf of my accountancy company and from the initial discussion to completion, I have experienced a first class service. All my enquires and concerns were answered in a simple and concise manner leaving me totally fulfiled, with a peace of mind, one seeks from such complicated and important financial matters. The conclusion was that I had no doubts in allowing CW to manage my Pension portfolio and I am now finding the after service to be of equal quality. Should I wish to proceed with additional financial products in the near future my first stop will undoubtedly be Contractor Wealth.

Terry , November 2017

When looking to setup a personal pension through my company Nick was very helpful in explaining the products available that best suited my situation, and also introduced the option of having a personal ISA to spread the monthly investment in to two different options, giving me short to middle term access with the ISA. The service provided by Nick and his team, in particular Ella, was very good and made the whole process as painless as possible.

Matthew, October 2017

I contacted Contractor Wealth with specific investment needs. These were closely listened to, and delivered upon by Leanne and David, who were both very professional and helpful. I would highly recommend Contractor Wealth to my friends and colleagues.

Robert, October 2017

It’s always a relief when you speak to an adviser that’s willing to make time to suit your schedule, and ensure that you fully understand all the information that’s given to you during a consultation.

Ross, October 2017

My Accountant put me in touch with Contractor Wealth as my existing Advisor was unable to act quickly enough to meet year end deadlines. Steve engaged immediately, was clear on advice and steps he could support me with, enabling me to set up my additional pension provision within a very tight window. Ella, Client Services Manager, has consistently been available and patient in terms of turnaround of documentation, understanding contractor work practices are not always straight forward!

Lynne, October 2017

I felt the relationship that Nick created with me was a very personal service as he took time to understand my needs and provided me with plenty of information to make a decision on the type of pension that best suited my needs. At no point in the process did i feel uncomfortable or confused, and found the explanation of the fee structure simple to understand. It was a great experience considering the complexity of Pensions. Kind Regards, Scott

Scott, September 2017

In all dealings with Duncan and Leanne I have received a high level of professionalism in their field of expertise. Duncan took time to fully understand my past and current arrangements, as well as future expectations. Leanne ensured I was fully kept up to date with the progress of enquiry and forwarded documents in a timely manner. The process ensured that I was offered the best product to suit my circumstances, and the literature was easy to understand and follow.

Russell, September 2017

Leanne was very supportive through the process of my retirement planning and kept me updated with reminders of appointment as well as any other important information even before I asked for it. She made the filling of my application extremely easy with useful information and sticky notes on the form. I had a positive experience throughout the process.

Duncan was my Financial Adviser during my retirement planning and patiently listened to my concerns and took time to answer all the various questions I had throughout the process. The report he prepared was very detailed, thorough and informative and helped the decision-making easier. I’d highly recommend Duncan and his firm Contractor Wealth for anyone who are looking to do financial planning in future.

DhananJay, September 2017

David and Leanne were able to provide excellent advice and a very professional service to me when I was looking to set up a new pension. Myself, having little knowledge of the industry, David was able to guide me through the process explaining any unfamiliar terms and concepts as we went, and consistently checking the finer details with me to be sure I understood everything clearly.

Leanne ensured the process ran smoothly and promptly by greatly assisting me with appointments, documentation and questions I had along the way. I feel very happy with the outcome. I have been able to choose the right plan for my circumstances with the help from the team to make sure my future is financially secure.

Gemma, September 2017

Having had very little investment experience before i found the service from both Nick and Ella extremely professional. I was guided through the process and appointments were always arranged at my convenience. Nick made sure that i fully understood the recommendations and answered any questions i had before proceeding. I would highly recommend this service.

Andy, September 2017

I have found both Duncan and Leanne a pleasure to work with. They were attentive and really listened to my intentions and developed a plan which was very much suited to my needs. They were very thorough in their research and this is evident in their recommendations. I will have no hesitation to recommend them to anyone and everyone….many thanks guys, much appreciated!

Leke, August 2017

The service I received from Duncan and Leanne from Contractor Wealth was outstanding; they guided me through the whole process with clear instructions and answered all question which I had at the time. All calls and timing was arranged well in advanced. I would defiantly recommend them.

Jawad, August 2017

I was referred to Contractor Wealth following brokering a Mortgage with Contractor Mortgages Made Easy.
My Financial Planner was Nick and Adviser Support was Ella – both I found to be very efficient, effective and professional throughout the initial review process and also in the setting up of my investments.

My objective was to set up a new SIPP including regular contributions, lump sum contributions and also transfers of existing policies. The advice process was thorough and produced good data to allow me to make informed decisions about the correct investment choice for me as an investor and I had good detailed dialogue with Nick on regular occasions.

Overall very happy with the process and the outcome and I would recommend to other contractor colleagues.

Jordan, July 2017

I approached Contractor Wealth to help me with retirement planning. Having dealt with other wealth managers before – with disappointing results – I can say that Nick & the Contractor Wealth team offer a great service; friendly and approachable, they worked with me to plan a road map for achieving my desired retirement lifestyle, based on real factors. Rather than being told to save to some arbitrary amount. I came away with an understanding of why and how I can reach my pensions and savings targets. I’m very happy with the outcome, and have recommended them to friends who are now thinking about their retirement plans.

Keith, July 2017

To whom it may concern, I am the sole director of a limited company. Six months ago I was looking to arrange a pension plan suitable for my work status as I was concerned that I was not adding to my pension pot. I was put in contact with Steve Helsdon, Financial Planner at Contractor Wealth. He contacted me several times in a series of telephone meetings to set up a pension plan that was of most benefit to me and within a few weeks a plan for my future was established. In addition to tracking the progress of my pension, Steve has also advised me on setting up an investment ISA so that I can make the most of any spare money that I have available. I would definitely recommend the services of Steve at Contractor Wealth as he has helped to ease my financial concerns.

Robert, June 2017

As someone with very limited financial knowledge, it’s been a pleasure dealing with Duncan. He took the time to answer all of my questions and ensured I was aware of the products I was purchasing, how they worked and what the impacts would be. He’s extremely easy to talk to, and it made the whole process very painless. I’m extremely happy with the service provided and feel I have someone who will effectively help manage my assets and be available to answer my queries. Setting up a pension appeared a daunting and complicated prospect but I feel very happy that I have the right products in place for me. I would highly recommend Duncan to any of my colleagues seeking financial planning advice.

Ben, April 2017

Sourcing my investment and pension solutions via Contractor Wealth was very straight forward! All products were fully explained to me and any changes that I have needed to make since taking my plans out have been dealt with by Angela and Helen very promptly. I’m a very happy customer!

Calum, April 2017

The team at Contractor Wealth provided me with a very comprehensive review of my circumstances. The process was lengthy at times, but I feel that the outcome/recommendations regarding my pension was the right one for me. I am looking forward to seeing how my investment choices mature over time with guided assistance from Steve and the rest of the team at Contractor Wealth.

Rich, April 2017

I would highly recommend Contractor Wealth services and I would like to thank Angela & Helen for guiding me through the complex world of investments. Not only do I have a clear plan and understanding of future requirements, but I have also learnt a lot about the options and solutions available to me. Although I have never visited the offices and conducted all business by phone, I feel that I have built a personal relationship with the team which is a testament to their customer skills as well as the obvious experience in investments. I have recently been through my first annual review and thoroughly satisfied that my plans are on track, I even had the knowledge to make a few tweaks, so again a big thank you for your patience and dealing with endless q&a’s to get me to this position.

Neil, April 2017

Angela and Helen keep me regularly informed of the financial situation and impacts to my investments and the advice has proved sound and has rewarded in a growth that will exceed my original expectations. I hope to reach my financial goal ahead of time. I know the stock market has helped lately but that has been off-set with currencies etc. So excellent advice, support which is borne out in the results.

Rupert, April 2017

Steve and Ella have been fantastic in guiding me through a tough decision. Being new to contracting, their expertise and pressure free communication was greatly appreciated.

Calum, April 2017

I have had the pleasure in dealing with Contractor Wealth for 4 years plus now. Angela has always been thoroughly professional during this period and always has the time to talk everything through in the correct amount of detail. Initially the work we undertook was a pension review and it was great to talk this through with a somebody who could explain the impact it would all have on important things – Lump sum, retirement age and annual pension value. This was a huge task and one that Angela did not shy away from and quite literally took the bull by the horns. I now have this all consolidated on one platform where growth can be monitored and this is much more manageable from my perspective.

Since this initial pension review I still have annual reviews with Angela and these are always a great use of time. We discuss my circumstances and how things have changed over the past 12 months. This is then disseminated and investment options and choices are discussed. The feeling I always get from Angela and Contractor Wealth is no decision is too small for them. I may not be investing hundreds of thousands but the personal touch I receive makes me feel that all investment advice and decisions are treated the same. Angela is great to work with and I feel privileged to have worked with her from the outset and look forward to continue doing so for the foreseeable future. Latterly I have started dealing with Helen on the admin side and she has been a revelation. Helen keeps on top of all of the admin for Angela and myself and has proved to be so helpful over the past 18 months. No question is too stupid or small for Helen and I always get a quick response. I would thoroughly recommend Contractor Wealth and look forward to discussing investments in the next review meeting.

Craig, April 2017

Working with Angela and Helen has given me consistency and certainty over a couple of years now. I can be assured that they know what they are talking about, but (more importantly) what *I* am attempting to talk about. If the prospect of pension planning could ever be made engaging, then they come about as close as you can get.

Paul, April 2017

Although I have been dealing with CF for years, it was more passive than I would have liked. However a year ago I had the need to re-engage and was assigned with a new financial planner to boost my financial position. From the outset of my first contact, the uptake and responsiveness was excellent, knowledgeable and dealt with a professional approach meeting my immediate short term needs of tax efficiency, but taking into account the long term outlook.

In a relatively short period of time I know have the approach to achieve the realistic plan. This is supported by 6 monthly reviews of this 20 year outlook along with tax efficiencies that keeps more money in my pocket.

With the recent 2017 financial year coming to a close, I urgently needed to take make a personal contribution to my pension and within 24 hours this was completed for by CW and AEGON. Excellent response times all round.

Coupling both CW’s knowledge and my independent accountants skills has certainly de-risked my future with taxation and its important relationship to retirement pension and income.

Overall, I am impressed with Helen and Angela as my key wealth team contacts, and would wholeheartedly recommend them.

Travis, April 2017

Contractor Wealth were considerate in their approach to my request in finding an ethical investment by making extensive research to find a provider that did not invest in pornography and other unethical markets. Yet at the same time they also looked for a provider that had the potential to make a good profit.

Sean, February 2017

I’ve met Mr Rankine via my accountant who recommended him for my pension savings. I have quite a unique situation not being a British Citizen, working in UK and being very close to pension age. David has understood my situation immediately and made the best effort to fulfil my needs and expectations. We’ve now finalised the first investment step and I have been very satisfied with his service during a long procedure in discussing the possibilities and available options. He has never been inpatient and always wanted to help me. I am very grateful for his service and also for his friendly and open approach to my special needs. I would wholeheartedly recommend his service to anyone in a same or similar situation.

Zsolt, February 2017

Accounting and numbers in general are something I just don’t get. When I was looking to start saving from
my company for a pension I was very lucky to have found the pension advisory service that I did and Steve in particular. I had no clue that making a decision about investments was that involved, but Steve walked me through the whole process, explaining every step. It never felt like he was just reading from a paper (and he had tons of information to transfer), it felt like he was talking to me, always making sure I understand every little detail. Most importantly I felt he guided me toward the best solution suited to what I needed.

Avi, February 2017

Looking into pensions is a huge thing to undertake, especially when you are not sure where to start or how it all works. Graham clearly explained everything in detail and gave me confidence in the pension selected that was right for my needs.

Samantha, December 2016

As a consultant with a range of clients and a reasonably high workload, I’ve struggled to find the time to understand my long-term financial position and put in plans for retirement. Graham at Contractor Wealth was able to help me quickly and effectively, though; in just a few short calls I was able to see what planning was required and was presented with easy-to-understand options which allowed me to make the first steps in investment.  I feel now that I have my retirement in hand, and can see that there are plenty of possibilities for future investments which I can come back around to as my career progresses.

Richard, September 2016

I have found my experience with Contractor Wealth so far to be excellent and it has set my mind at ease with regards to my pension. I had previously contacted various companies but none of them touched the same experience i had with Angela at Contractor Wealth. Very easy and friendly to talk with as well as having a host of information to help me with my finances. Although still early days i would already be willing to recommend to friends and family. Thanks Angela.

Steve, July 2016

It was really very satisfying working with Graham Fishwick from Contractor Wealth. He was organised right from the start and listened carefully to ‘what I want’. He jotted down the summary of our discussions and explained to me what would be the next steps. Within a few days as promised I received a printed copy of the advice with additional details. I asked quite a few questions on that document and Graham patiently answered them all up to my satisfaction. Once I took my decision it was just matter of time to open the investment account! It was overall a pleasure working with Graham and I will recommend him without an hesitation.

Soumen, September 2016

I have been extremely pleased with the service provided by Graham Fishwick at Contractor Wealth. Graham took care to conduct a full assessment of my situation and objectives in a very professional, helpful and friendly manner and recommended a solution that suited my investment and retirement needs. I would have no hesitation recommending the service to others.

Kevin, July 2016

Hello Graham, Thanks for your call the other day, I found Contractor Wealth very helpful and efficient. I had a need to setup my pension very quickly and they were able to deliver in my time frame. They offer a very professional and knowledgeable service, highly recommended. Many thanks, MIke

Mike, February 2016