About Us

17260922_mWe are an established wealth planning practice dedicated to providing financial advice to professionals in the contracting and freelance community. We pride ourselves on spending time getting to know you on an individual basis, before accompanying you on your personal financial journey.

We provide a friendly, jargon free approach and are experts in delivering financial planning advice covering a wide range of solutions, which are tailored to meet your individual needs.

Having recognised that contractors are by their very nature busy people, we have established a complete end-to-end telephone based financial planning service. This enables us to effectively manage our customer relationship and provide you with advice on a remote basis; without compromising on the quality of advice and service that we provide.

The experience and qualifications of our team are of the same high standard that you would expect from an equivalent financial planning organisation working on a conventional face to face basis.

However, we have the advantage of being in a position to provide the flexibility to fit our meetings in and around your hectic working day; you won’t even need to leave your office if you don’t want to!

In our experience, many contractors find it daunting to think about making a long term commitment towards their financial future, mainly due to uncertain nature of their working arrangements. However, at a time when we are all frequently being told that we can’t rely on the state to provide for us into old age, it has become more vital than ever for us to take responsibility for our own financial wellbeing and make preparations for our future.

You would probably be surprised by the amount of clients who reach the end of the initial advice process, and make a point of telling us how relieved they are to have finally taken steps to secure their financial future.